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While a lot of horrible things came out of the COVID-19 pandemic, some positive changes also sprung to life. One of these changes was the way instances of certain healthcare situations are handled. Physical therapy (PT) was no exception.

Many instances of PT appointments and programs are now able to be handled over video conferencing. How does this even work?

How does Telehealth Physical Therapy Work?

Generally, telehealth PT requires face-to-face video conferencing. This means a smartphone or computer camera is required.

Telehealth PT sessions are handled by a licensed PT, more specifically your PT. Your session won’t be handled by a random intern or trainee.

Your PT will tell you what you need and how much space you need for the session. Necessary materials for PT sessions will be provided before the sessions start, allowing patients to have what they need when a program starts.

What Types of PT can be Done Over Telehealth?

Many exercises or stretching PT sessions can be conducted at home. More intensive or specialized types of PT, however, are usually conducted at a therapy facility. Common examples of PT that usually won’t be conducted over a telehealth session include:

  • Manual Therapy (where another person is needed to move a patient’s body)

  • Electrical Stimulation (specialized PT medical devices)

  • Ultrasound (specialized medical equipment)

Talking to your doctor or therapist before beginning a new PT program will let you know if you can conduct the treatment via telehealth.

What are the Cons of Telehealth PT?

The major con of telehealth PT is that examinations can’t be performed and diagnoses/treatment plans can’t be made via telehealth. This means that patients must physically see a doctor or therapist in person before treatment begins.

Telehealth PT can also be subject to connectivity issues. Internet outages or bad wireless connections can make telehealth PT sessions difficult.

Physical therapy handled via telehealth can also be difficult for older patients to deal with, particularly those unfamiliar with videoconferencing technologies. Make sure to ask your doctor or therapist any questions regarding telehealth platforms or programs before you jump into your first session!

What are the Benefits of Telehealth Physical Therapy?

Receiving PT through a telehealth program allows patients to receive training sessions and face-to-face time with a therapist nearly anywhere. This is extremely beneficial to patients with limited access to transportation and those who live far away from their healthcare facility.

PT is sometimes necessary due to major injuries, injuries which can make it difficult for a patient to get to a therapy facility. Telehealth PT has developed programs to make it easy for certain patients to get the care they need at home.

Telehealth PT is also very beneficial to people who need to avoid contact due to illness or other conditions.

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About the Physical Therapy Expert

Anabel is a physical therapist at Charlin Health Services. She started her career as a sports therapist in the Philippines, working on rehabilitating injured athletes. Upon moving to the US, Anabel has worked as a licensed physical therapist at specialized care facilities in Illinois and Texas.

Anabel is an expert in PT for elderly patients recovering from injuries and recent surgeries. She also has experience working as a home healthcare therapist. Anabel has been with Charlin since 2018.

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